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A cartoon stickman stealing a bag of money.

Today at ggtrad upon subscription, 10% off - because security should be a steal!

Hazard Sensors

Home Hazard Sensors

Travel Essentials

Secure Travel Essentials

Intruder Alert

Intruder Alert Systems

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Wrap Your Space in Security.

Embrace Safety and Comfort Indoors & Outdoors with Our Extensive Camera Collection - Secure Your Space, Create Coziness, and Make It Yours!

Our dash cam: Your ally for safe outings.

Introduce a whole new meaning to the term “high-tech dash cam”. We’re here to help you redefine your ride, capturing every moment you’re on the road.

Several children standing outside in a Vigilant Neighborhood with DIY Cardboard Binoculars.
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arafed man holding a flashlight in front of a house at night


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A cartoon stickman stealing a bag of money.


today at ggtrad upon subscription, 10% off - because security should be a steal!

Plus, be the first to know about exclusive offers, insider tips, and the latest in smart home security trends. Join the ggtrad squad today and level up your security.


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Smoke Detector


Light Bulb

Smoke Detector


Safety bracelet

Portable Lock

Outdoor camera

G.G. TRAD is all about simplifying security. We want to make sure you’re safe without the hassle. Imagine a world in which you can go out, discover new things, and enjoy life with ease. Our range of security wearables, as well as discreet smart surveillance devices, are designed to fit into your everyday life, giving you that extra bit of peace of mind without sacrificing your freedom. At G. G. TRAD, we’re all about quality and value. That’s why we offer reliable protection that inspires you to go out and experience the world without fear. Let us be your quiet companion, so you can live life honestly and safely, wherever your path takes you.

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